Call for 2022/2023 Chapter Officers

ASSP Long Beach Colleagues,

Our chapter is privileged to have a highly diverse group of professionals that work in all types and sizes of industries, including small but vibrant commercial businesses, large construction and manufacturing companies, some of the largest refineries on the West Coast, and the second busiest seaport in the United States. Our chapter is positioned to help all of our members to grow in the profession and make their contributions to safety the best that they can be. We need people like you to volunteer and work with us in the Chapter Leadership so we can continue improving and unleashing the potential we have to give back to our members, our community, and our profession. 

Additionally, volunteer benefits include:

  • Receive 1.0 CEU per year served for any chapter position 
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Build a network with other ASSP leaders in the region and the country
  • Increase your visibility as a community leader

Below is all the information you need to be part of the Chapter Leadership Team and continue with our chapter transformation.

Come and join us!

Jed Douglas
ASSP Long Beach Chapter

We have the following positions available for the 2022/2023-chapter year. New officers assume their position on July 1, 2022.

  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Membership Chair
  • Program Chair
  • Awards and Honors Chair 
  • Public Relations & Social Media
  • Professional Development Chair

You can also let us know about your interest to serve in other capacities, even if there is no title listed here, or you don’t want to have an official role. All hands are welcome to serve.

Nominations and Elections Committee Notification

In accordance with our Chapter Bylaws the Long Beach Chapter/Section Nominations and Elections Committee for Chapter Year 2022/2023 has been appointed.

The newly appointed Nominations and Elections Committee will oversee the election of our 2022/2023 Chapter/Section Executive Committee. Members of the committee are listed below. 

  • Jed Douglas, Chapter President
  • Thomas Butler, Chapter Nominations & Elections Committee Chair
  • Simone Vu, Nominations and Elections Co-Chair

Anyone interested in running for an Executive Committee position, as described above, should contact a chapter representative ASAP expressing their interest in serving. 

Please contact Tom Butler, the ASSP Long Beach Chapter Government Affairs and Nominations Chair, at